ING Direct Orange Everyday Account

ING Direct Orange Everyday account

ING Direct Orange Everyday account

ING Direct the people who brought high interest savings accounts to Australia have a new everyday bank account with some great fee savings.

It has some features that are worth noting if you are not happy with your current transaction account.

Here are some of the features:

  • No monthly account fee
  • No ING Direct ATM fees
  • If you use another bank’s ATM then those fees are refunded if you withdraw $200 or more

The card issued is a Visa Debit card which means you will be able to use it for online purchases, withdraw from ATM’s and use EFTPOS.

If you withdraw $200 when using EFTPOS then they will pay you $0.50.

You can link it to your ING Direct Savings Maximiser and transfer funds instantly. It also acts as an offset account if you have a home loan with ING Direct.

[Edit: Please note the following Bonus Cash Offers have now expired]

But wait there’s more – Bonus Cash Offers.

There are three ways you can qualify for them to give you $20 (up to $60).

These are triggered when you:

  • deposit your first salary into the account
  • make your first Visa Debit card purchase
  • your first Direct Debit is withdrawn

All of the bonuses are aimed at getting you to use the account as your main transaction account.

Are you happy with your current bank?

ING Direct Orange Everyday

Disclaimer: Features such as fees or bonus offers change without notice. Please check with the product provider before making any applications and if you need advice consult a financial planner.

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