Orange Everyday – ING Transaction Account

The great thing about the ING Orange Everyday transaction account is the fees or more accurately the lack of fees.

Whilst ING don’t have a branch network or huge numbers of ATM’s they make it up by rebating ATM fees if you to withdraw a relative large amount of cash in one go. For free use of any ATM in Australia, all you have to do is withdraw $200 or more in one go. If you withdraw $200 when using EFTPOS they will pay you $0.50.

The card issued is a Visa Debit Card which is essentially a credit card that uses funds that you deposit as opposed to borrowed funds. This means that you can use it as you would a normal card at ATM’s and for EFTPOS transactions but can also use it to make purchases online if you need to. If you pay your bills online you’ll be happy to hear BPay is also free.

One of the big issues with many transaction accounts is the dishonour fees if you happen to overdraw your account. With the Orange Everyday account there are no ING dishonour fees.  You can also get online bank statements and free SMS or email alerts for balance change alerts.

Current Bonus Cash Offer

Under the current bonus cash offer new Orange Everyday account holders can ‘earn’ $5 every month until December 2010 if they arrange for the automatic deposit of their salary (of at least $2,000) into their new account.

This information is correct as at 9 July 2010 and subject to change without notice.

For more information click here – ING Orange Everyday

Disclaimer: Product features, interest rates and fees change without notice. Please confirm all details with the product provider before taking any action.