SPIVA Australia Scorecard 2023 Results – Active vs Passive Report Card

If you don’t know what the SPIVA Australia Scorecard is then let me tell you. It’s an eye opening nugget of critical information for those that invest into managed funds.

It shows that the vast majority of managed funds…. wait for it….. do NOT outperform the index they are measured against.

The results do vary by asset category but the results are essentially the same. And the longer the time period generally the worse active managers perform.

Now there’s quite a few contributing factors which have been debated by the various camps but being educated about these results will help you choose better for your portfolio. Now you know you need to verify they are worth the money they charge by doing some simple comparisons.

Managed Fund Research – Comparison of Returns

To help you find out how find out what active managers are worth the money they charge, you can do the research at the following websites: