Savings Maximiser – ING Direct Savings Account

The ING Direct Savings Maximiser was the first high interest online savings account offered in Australia. The main features of the Savings Maximiser are:

  • high rate of interest with bonus interest for new customers
  • no monthly account fees
  • funds can be transferred in or out from any other Australian bank account
  • no minimum balances
  • interest is calculated daily and paid monthly
  • access via phone banking 24/7 or online
  • automatic savings plans can be setup
  • covered by the Government deposit guarantee up to $1million
  • you can choose to only receive online statements to help the environment

What’s to like about the Savings Maximiser?

The Savings Maximiser is a very simple high interest savings account. It needs to be connected to another bank account either with ING Direct or any other Australian bank in order to transfer funds. Funds can be transferred online, via phone banking or you can arrange for regular deposits to be withdrawn from your other accounts to deposit into the Savings Maximiser.

It has consistently paid a very high rate of interest since its inception. It currently offers a bonus rate of interest on top of the current rate for a period of 4 months.

Disclaimer: Interest rates and other important features of this product change without notice. Please check all details with the product provider before making any decision.