High Interest Savings Account November Update

17 November 2010 Savings Accounts 0 Comment

When the RBA raised cash rates in early November the major banks increased their savings account interest rates by the same amount but their home loan rates by much more. We show you where you can find a much higher savings accounts from other banks.

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Virgin fakes it like an old pro

10 August 2010 Credit Cards 0 Comment

Yawn. The second time around the gloss or the shine of Sir Richard’s Virgin brand seems to have become a little tarnished. I mean all the words are there, the sexy young things are there and the fantastic deals are there. Whoa back up there a minute, the fantastic deals? Hmm might check the detail a bit later on that one.

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High Interest Savings Accounts with bonus interest for Regular Savings

1 April 2010 Savings Accounts 0 Comment

Are you making regular deposits into a savings account? You might be interested then in finding out which bank products offer an incentive to regular savers. There are quite a few financial institutions that offer savings accounts with incentives to make regular monthly deposits however not all offer much in terms of a bonus. Read more to find those that do.

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Savings Account Rates Update

21 March 2010 Savings Accounts 0 Comment

With the increase in official cash rates by the RBA of 0.25% you would expect that the savings accounts offered by the banks would also follow suit. Suprisingly you would be wrong.

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