Compare personal loans.

Most lenders offer unsecured or secured loans with fixed or variable interest rates. Make sure you understand the difference. The advertised rates may not be the interest rate you are offered . You may end up being offered a higher interest rate or in some cases lower. It depends on the lenders rules which take into account your financial situation.

NameInterest Rate %Initial Fees $Ongoing Fees $Secured/UnsecuredLoan Term (yrs)FeaturesLoan Amounts $
ANZ Variable Rate14.15$150$30 per qtrunsecured1 - 7Redraw facility$5,000 +
Commonwealth Bank Variable Rate Personal Loan14.15$135$10 pmunsecured1 - 7$5,000 - $50,000
NAB Unsecured Personal Loan14.15$150$10 pmunsecured1 - 7Redraw facility
$5,000 - $80,000
Westpac Unsecured Personal Loan14.64$250$7.50 pmunsecured1 - 7$4,000 - $50,000
Bankwest Unsecured Personal Loan13.84$195$8 pmunsecured3 - 7$5,000 +
St George Unsecured Personal Loan14.64$150$9 pmunsecured1-7Redraw facility$3,000 - $40,000

Warning: Financial product details and features can and do change without notice. Please check all details before making a decision and seek advice if required from a financial planner.